Blending Italian Artistry with Modern-Day Craftsmanship

Vision for Tomorrow.
Guiding Stars
Crafting excellence, embracing sustainability, celebrating moments. This is the heart of Bacio.
Craftsmanship in Every Sip
A blend of tradition and innovation, our wines are a testament to quality and a passion for perfection.
Green at Heart
Eco-friendly from vineyard to can. Our commitment to the planet is as strong as our commitment to quality.
Our Sparkling Selection
Discover our range. Each flavor, a unique story of taste and tradition.

Diverse talents, one passion. The people behind every Bacio can

"Bacio combines Italy's winemaking legacy with modern sophistication. Our sparkling wines are a fusion of tradition and innovation, presented in eco-friendly elegance. It's not just wine; it's a reimagined experience of Italian luxury."
- Diego Faccioli, Co-Founder, Bacio
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